April & May News

Just look at how cute our littlest babies look creating their messy baby art! They had a whale of a time letting themselves loose with the paint. We had bright coloured paint everywhere… if you can’t do it at nursery, where can you? We were left with one big, beautiful, artistic masterpiece. Later on in the month our little ones picked some of our spring daisies and used them to paint a picture. We have a bunch of artistic babies on our hands for sure!

Our 2-3s miraculously turned into Princes and Princesses this month. They even had their own crowns and tiaras…how amazing is that! Our toddlers were busy crafting their crowns with gems and jewels, making sure they were the fairest Queens and Kings of their nursery castle! Butternut and Percy came out to play again with our toddlers. They were shown lots of love and affection after being held and patted all afternoon. The toddlers also loved watching them run around the garden. Lots of excitement for our nursery pets and 2-3s!

It’s always important for our nursery children to know who to go to when they need help. So this month our Pre-schoolers had a lovely visit from the local policeman and policewoman. It was so much fun trying on their hats and they also had a turn to try out the police van. They even turned on the blue lights, NEENOOOOR! Now for the yummy part, our little pre-schoolers made the most delicious Rhubarb crumble, all from scratch. They loved washing, peeling and cutting up the Rhubarb and making the crumble too….SUPER tasty!  A thumbs up for our mini chefs and cooks.