December News

It has been a very busy December 2016. We started off the month through taking part in Christmas Jumper day to raise money for charity. Children and Staff supported this well with the whole Nursery showing up with some very sparkly jumpers. We have been busy in all of the rooms creating some very glittery art (we do love all the sparkles).

Our Pre-School children have loved exploring colour and mark making and have been focused on ‘process art’ this month, where they enjoy Art for the making process rather than the product, often with some creative, beautiful (if unplanned) results. We have loved rolling, splatting, dipping and using a range of things to make marks and our own Arty creations with.

Our amazing Mickala created our very own Ginger bread entrance into the 2-3 room which looks awesome.


Our Guinea Pigs, Butternut and Percy went on a Christmas holiday. Thank you so much to Freya’s Family for having them visit.

In the last week of the Year before we broke up we enjoyed having our Christmas Parties which were well attended by Parents, Grandparents and our little people. We also had a visit from Santa himself who was in our Christmas Grotto.