Room on the Broom

Pre-School the story of the week was ‘Room on the Broom’. We did lots of investigating and team work activities. The poor witches broom was broken, and the children had to decide how to repair it and get it back to her using any of the materials they had available. We even made our own potions and saw how they fizzed. The children really loved this story.

Busy Busy little people

Pre-School made the most delicious chocolate/ marshmallow/ cake mmm (not much made it home). Our little girls have been loving their babies and are fabulous at feeding them. The gloop in the toddler room has been a HUGE hit.

Our Tadpole have Legs

Been a very exciting start to the week, our tadpoles have grown into the cutest little frogs!!  SAM_3618

We also had a visit from a giant Land snail which everyone loved seeing. Our ‘piggies’ Butternut and Percy have loved visiting the rooms for treats and cuddles this week, and in the Toddler Room Finn said ‘ hello Guinea pigs’ and Butternut decided to take a little walk it was really sweet he said ‘ you come right back here Guinea Pig’

Its all about the ‘piggies’

All of the children have really been enjoying looking after, playing with and feeding Butternut & Percy. Today the Toddler and Preschool rooms helped set up the ‘Piggies’ outdoor hutch. Sorting their food, straw, sawdust and hay.The children have also been painting Guinea Pig pictures. SAM_3009   SAM_2741SAM_2790SAM_2740SAM_2804SAM_2821SAM_2789SAM_2742  SAM_2739 SAM_2805 SAM_2807   SAM_2783SAM_2777 SAM_2779  …..Click to see a larger image.

Pre-School Story of the Week

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This week Pre-school are reading ‘ Goldilocks & the 3 bears’. We have had great (but SUPER messy) time playing in some awesome smelling chocolate cornflour, made some purple porridge play dough, re-enacted the story with teddies & props,  and worked on our cutting, writing, sticking and sequencing skills.

Pancake Day….yum yum!

DSCF5803 DSCF5802 DSCF5814DSCF5850 DSCF5813 …. Click to  see a larger view


We celebrated a tasty Pancake day. We worked on our ‘ pancake toss’ and ate lots and lots of delicious pancakes with fruit, syrup and sugar… mmmmm

Pre-School go to the Library

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Pre-School went on a big walk to Irthlingborough Library and selected lots and lots of new books for the Nursery (Vicky & Carla had to carry them all back). While they were at the Library they joined in with the Rhyme Time session, and popped to the shop on the way back for a treat.

Adventures in the woods

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We went adventuring in the woods.. but we didn’t find the ‘Big bad wolf’, We did find lots of sticks, leaves and a few little bugs.

Pre-School Valentines Day activities

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Pre-School have been very busy making, crafting and learning about Valentines Day. We made some beautiful heart crayons, made delicious chocolate fudge and the children made their own tasty cheese and ham sandwiches… cut into heart shape of course!

It’s been a busy week

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Its been a busy week here at Monkey Puzzle. We have been doing lots of lovely craft activities, cooking, cutting and playing.