Michelle Mobey


Co-Owner and Principal

About Me:

Michelle is a Qualified Teacher holding a Bachelor of Education (Hons), Qualified teaching status as well as a Master of Arts Degree specialising in Early Years Education. She has been working in education and childcare for over 15 years, as well as bringing up her two children, who have attend/ attended their settings.

When asked why she wanted to work with children, Michelle replied "I have always wanted to work with children. I love their energy, honesty and their total love of everything fun and exciting. I really enjoy sharing new ideas and experiences with them. My hope is that I can create a fun, exciting and caring learning environment. I have a lot of patience, enthusiasm, creativity and enjoy helping children (and adults) to discover new things. I want to create an environment that is exciting and fun for the children and my staff. As long as children are given, love, support and encouragement they will succeed. Job satisfaction was the most important factor in choosing a career, and working with children, I believe, is the ultimate choice.”

Since moving to the UK, from South Africa in 2007, Michelle has worked for the National Autistic Society as a teacher creating highly motivating, sensory, dynamic and visually based lessons. After having her first child she branched out into Childminding and received an Outstanding from Ofsted. Michelle has experience of working with children who have multiple barriers to their learning with a vast array of needs and abilities. She hopes to pass on this knowledge to her staff and will use her previous experience as a sound base for coaching and staff development.

Michelle is a good people manager, believing that open honesty, clarity and consideration go a long way in inspiring the best from people. She has a strong work ethos and is highly adaptable, motivated and incredibly enthusiastic.

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